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Hey, if you think you’re on edge about the election take a lookat this. First, here’s the opening graf from today’s G-File:

followed the Florida recount pretty carefully. I certainly can’t swear I read every story in every paper straight through to the end; but I would be very surprised if I missed entirely any mention of Floridian voters’ being beheaded for failing to color in the ovals on their ballots correctly. I never heard anybody say anything like “Sol Fischbein! This chad is hanging, and so will you!”

Pretty clear that’s a fairly jokey begining right? Here’s the second email I got in response to the column:

You followed the Florida recount pretty closely, huh?

That’s funny, because ultimately there WAS no recount, you Nazi hack. Your

anti-democratic, pro-corporate Supreme Court stopped it!

No worries. We’re ready for you clowns dirty tricks this time and Kerry is

going to win, DESPITE your party’s efforts to suppress democracy.

A day is coming when more and more Americans will see your ilk as the

pathetic shills that you are.