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Reasons Mitt Needs to Win

I hate this nail-biter thing. I have already bitten my nails. I have been hoping for and counting on a Romney victory for a list of reasons, including that it would be a step toward restoring constitutional government, rebuilding the culture, fixing the economy, dislodging Obamacare, not becoming Western Europe, ensuring religious freedom, limiting immigration . . .

. . . and I have harbored the hope that Fox News, which I watch regularly, will find that it no longer needs the thoroughly tedious, sulky, utterly conventional liberal Juan Williams as a commentator. Of course his presence there is attributable to the liberal bias at National Public Radio that led them to fire him.  But Fox has made its point. And now it’s time to move on. No real virtue in irritating the viewers.

And now, Mike Huckabee is making the point that the state he governed, Arkansas, will not only go for Romney, but will also elect a full slate of Republicans up and down the ballot “for the first time since Reconstruction.” 


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