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Reason’s Prez Poll

Spent an enjoyable lunch hour today

perusing Reason magazine’s poll of presidential picks by their libertarian

and libertarian fellow-traveler

panel. Lots of good comment

here. My favorite — and the one out of all the entries that comes closest

to my own view — came from Louis Rossetto, the co-founder of

Wired, who wrote:

2004 vote: Bush may be wrong about everything else, but he is right about

the issue that matters most for my children’s future: stopping Islamic

fascism. And Manchurian candidate Kerry and the Copperheads, er, Democrats,

are just a joke, preferring to act as though this probably

generation-spanning war is about politics, not the survival of the West.

Rossetto goes on to say that he’s never voted for president before, but

feels that there’s too much at stake now to sit this election out, because

“the alternative of not voting and allowing a billionaire currency

speculator like George Soros to pick the next U.S. president is too dire to