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National Review founder William F. Buckley Jr.

We are deeply appreciative that, as of this morning, some 2093 people have donated $269,553.26 to NR’s 2019 Fall Webathon. Our goal was to raise $275,000. We have changed that to $325,000, a target we hope to hit by November 10th, the final day of this appeal. Why move the goalposts? Because our need for support is far greater than the original figure, which was, we admit it, contrived. Contrived in that it was terribly aspirational. But as the response to our drive has been inspirational, we are determined to test the kindness of those who have yet to respond.

To reach our new goal, we need to raise $55,446.74 by midnight on Sunday. Let us direct this to those regulars, those . . . junkies, who consume vast quantities of NRO, day in and out, year in and out, sidestepping these appeals each and every time. Until now? Please consider a $25, or $50, or $100 contribution, if only to ease your conscience, which for years has been standing athwart your cheapskatery yelling Stop. Your bit — none is considered little — is hugely worthwhile and important to us. NR is the stuff of many small supporters – for some reason the sugar daddies and mommies have always ignored us.

A refresher on why we seek support: One big reason is to defray legal costs associated with National Review v. Mann, the nation’s most pressing case involving an attack on your free-speech rights. Please know that the justices have yet to rule on our petition for a writ of certiorari, and we may learn as early as next week if SCOTUS will agree to take up this case.

But there are many other reasons why we ask for material help: Propagating conservatism is essential, but costly. We are confident that many of our readers know that, minus their selflessness, NR’s ability to be full-throated in defense of our principles would be diminished. Here are the words of a number of recent webathon supporters, explaining what motivated them to hit the donate button.

  • Peter from Benton Harbor, Mich., drops a mighty grand on us and squeezes a lot into his explanation: “Thanks to NR/NRO for continuing to provide a venue for terrific young conservative writers to show their quality, all under Rich’s steady hand (iron fist?) and Jack’s open palm. Thank you for all you do and Xan, Go Irish!”
  • John from Pittsboro, N.C. forks over $100 along with gratitude: “Thank you for trying to save Western Civilization.” It can be done with you alongside us. Thanks John.
  • Another $100 from another Joh, this one from Manitowoc, Wis., who accompanies them with prayers: “National Review has been my favorite op-ed web-news organization for many years. I’ve acquired more than a college degree’s worth or knowledge from your noble pundits. I am happy to donate to your just cause as I believe it is incumbent on all of us to actively participate in the fight to protect our liberties from those who would silence our collective, conservative voice. You are all in our prayers.” This means the world to us.
  • Jacob from Elkhorn, Neb., sends a sweet C note and some words of inspiration to others: “It is vital to support the current formidable intellectual arsenal at NR, and to ensure the next generation of great writers (we see you Madeleine Kearns!) is similarly supported to take on a world where people seem to have stopped thinking.” I think I like this!
  • Paul from Front Royal, Va., makes a return donation visit, tenders $20, and let’s loose with the verbiage: “Okay, here’s a little more. A week or so ago I wrote that may contributions was only because of Kevin Williamson. Well, maybe  bit too quick there. Of course, Williamson is a treasure, but, yeah, you have few other I look forward to. Rich is always in tone and substance where I would like to be if a writer. And a few others who I’m too lazy to look up because I can’t remember them now. Of the conservative websites I read (and I read left ones), you are the best.” We like your kind of lazy Paul. Thanks.
  • Ruth from Baltimore, the Sultana of Swat, the Babeino, knocks it out of the park with her $100 gift and encouraging words: “Thank you for continuing to provide great and incisive commentary from your truly diverse team (love the wonky and the wacky – a Kat Timpf and Kyle Smith are amazing!). Keep keeping us sane in this crazy year.” Keeping!
  • Sean from Blue Bell, Pa., tosses a mighty 500 smackers into the collection basket and explains why with precision: “NR serves a critical function in forever promoting conservative ideas and values that are essential for the preservation of freedom. I value the publication and want to see it continue.” You nailed it. Thanks so much Sean.
  • And we’ll conclude with Richard from El Sobrante, Calif., who kindly sends us $200 and a day’s worth of wistful: “I was a huge fan of Bill Buckley, still am and miss him terribly.” Amen to that.

Easily there are 1,000 readers out there who feel compelled to give, and not because of any conscience-nagging – they just haven’t gotten around to it. They – you! – can do that right here. If all you can do is $10, swell. But what if you could add a zero to that – can you give $100, or maybe even $250 or $500? Over 30 people have donated $1,000 to our effort – yep, that is a lot, but if you have the means to match that, please do consider it. After all, we’re engaged in hand-to-hand combat on behalf of free speech. Finally, lots of people prefer to do their giving by check, and we are of course very cool with that. You can make yours payable to “National Review” and mail it to National Review, ATTN: 2019 Fall Webathon, 19 West 44th Street, Suite 1701, New York, NY 10036.  God bless one and all!


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