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The Recall, According The Steyn

From the Telegraph:

But I wouldn’t put that on the front page, either. The story here is that California is in crisis. The electorate understands that; its media don’t. It’s CNN that, while sniffing that this election is a “circus”, runs tedious featurettes on the pornographers, sitcom actors and other fringe candidates. Meanwhile, the public winnowed the 130 runners down to a quartet almost immediately.

Indeed, the only folks obsessed with joke candidates were the media professionals who took ex-London socialite Arianna Huffington’s campaign seriously. In last week’s debate, Arianna and Arnold bickered constantly. The pundits assured us Arianna had come out on top. The next poll showed her with 0.4 per cent and she withdrew from the race shortly thereafter. So much for media savvy. The only bottom that’s an issue in this election is Gray Davis’s, and on Tuesday all it will be feeling is the electorate’s boot.


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