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Recently Resigned GOP Rep.: House ‘Probably Overreaching’ in Negotiations

Former congressman Rodney Alexander (R., La.) has only been away from Capitol Hill a few days and he is already throwing cold water on his former Republican colleagues’ approach to the continuing resolution to either defund or delay Obamacare.

“I doubt [Obamacare] can be stopped,” Alexander told the Times-Picayune, and said Republicans “are probably overreaching” in their efforts to defund or delay the law. Instead, he said, Republicans should allow for the law’s implementation, predicting that it will eventually prove to be more and more unpopular as its flaws are further drawn out.

Alexander, who resigned to serve as Louisiana’s secretary for veteran affairs under Governor Bobby Jindal, left Congress on Thursday after more than a decade in office. Among the reasons for his departure, Alexander lamented the recent brinkmanship on Capitol Hill and said he “feels sorry” for Speaker John Boehner’s difficult situation within his party’s caucus.


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