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For The Record

Most of the email I’ve received has been very nice. I wouldn’t want folks to get the impression that I’m besieged by negativity. Here’s a nice one which covers a lot of ground:


I’ve been following the flack you’ve been posting to The Corner. I just don’t understand the evangelical guy whose complaint seems to be that you aren’t Calvin Coolidge, or Jimmy Carter, for that matter. At any rate, attaboy from this conservative Christian and 25-year NR subscriber. I usually agree with you and I always find your irreverent style entertaining. The pop cultural references are terrific. Nobody, in either party, can call your polemics dull.

As for the Ted Kennedy dust-up, you are getting flack mainly for refusing to sugar-coat the truth. There’s a certain Orwellian slant to our politics lately. Democrats stand up and say that President Bush is Adolph Hitler with a better haircut and it is deemed impolite for Republicans to notice. In fact, we are excoriated on the rare occasions when we answer bluntly, as you did, rather than replying like in the preferred Victorian mode: “I respectfully disagree with the right honorable gentleman’s characterization of the president as a murdering, lying, Fascist who is out to destroy our democracy. As you all know, I greatly admire my good friend Senator Kennedy for his outstanding contributions to the Senate, American life, world peace and the continuation of the Cosmos. So I now wish to turn away from partisan rancor and join my esteemed colleague in proclaiming this National Puppy Week.”

Exhibit A for the Orwellian turn to our politics is the fact that Al Sharpton is everywhere treated as a serious, respectable political candidate. With the exception of conservative opinion sites, his background has gone straight down the memory hole. Nobody is supposed to notice his past and, apparently nobody does, not even mainstream political figures like Dick Gephart, Joe Lieberman and John Kerry. The mind boggles.

Keep up the good work.