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The Red and The Blue

Here in NYC tonight, cops filled up a couple of paddy wagons with anti-war protesters who got out of hand in Times Square. A few minutes ago, on one of the cable channels, I was watching anti-war protesters filling the streets of West Hollywood and San Francisco tonight. By way of contrast, I got a phone call yesterday afternoon from my wife, who was driving around Dallas, and said one of the big Christian radio stations there had people live on the air, praying for the President and our troops, and even praying by name for individual soldiers in the Gulf. I don’t know if that means anything, but I thought I’d tell you.

By the way, let me thank all of the NR readers who have written to wish me well with the move to Dallas. We really do have some pretty damn great readers. One of them, who lives in Dallas, even offered to come over and help me unload the moving van when I got to town.


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