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Red Card Fantasy

Mickey Kaus does “world-historical thinker” Gingrich the favor of taking his amnesty/guestworker proposal seriously, dismantling the illogic of it. But there’s one aspect he didn’t touch on. The “red card” thing has been promoted for years by heiress Helen Krieble, a charter member of the billionaires for open borders club, as a Saudi-style labor-importation system that wouldn’t lead to citizenship. But, at the same time, Krieble is strongly opposed to birthright citizenship, devoting a couple of pages in her amnesty/guestworker white paper to the subject. But what if these red-card-carrying “temporary” workers have kids? (It’s not like we’re going to bar women from participating, as was the case for the old Bracero Program that was ended in the early 1960s, and women make up close to half the illegal population.) Wouldn’t making them leave their U.S.-citizen kids when their contracts expire be “inhumane”? So doesn’t it follow that birthright citizenship has to be ended before the first red card is handed out? If not, why not? If so, then why didn’t Gingrich mention that precondition to his amnesty plan?


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