The Corner

Redskins Game “in Litigation”

After a dramatic interception of the great Brett Favre, the Redskins scored a go-ahead touchdown in the last two minutes of the Green Bay game, completing a fantastic comeback, and the stadium went wild–you could hear the cheers miles away. Then, suddenly, the score was erased from the board and the play called back, for a chickenseed motion penalty of purely formal significance, a judgment call on a man in motion…and so what this Redskins game actually predicts is a wild spate of argument if not quite litigation as the election draws to a close. … On the field, the Redskins won, and the Packers would not have uttered a peep about the motion if the ref had not gone super-conscientious on that of all plays…Okay, officially the Packers won. But “only” because the guardians of the law intervened….Next year, we will re-defeat Green Bay.