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Reforming Nominations

Dave Hoppe recommends:

My proposal would be to change the Senate rules so that every nominee

would be guaranteed a vote on the floor. The committees would retain an

advisory role, but wouldn’t be able to scuttle a nominee. After a nominee

is submitted to the Senate and has handed in the paperwork, the committee

would have 20 session days to hold a hearing. Then the committee would

have another 20 session days to vote on the nominee. If after these days

have elapsed, the committee has not voted on the nomination, the nominee

would be discharged from the committee and placed on the executive

calendar. Then the full Senate would have 20 session days to vote on the

nominee on the floor. If it has not voted after these days have elapsed,

any senator would be allowed to bring up the nomination for a four-hour

debate and vote. No extended debate would be allowed on a floor vote on a

nomination. Every nominee could get a vote in the Senate after his

nomination has been in the Senate for 60 session days.

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