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Regarding Andrew & His Legacy

Andrew Breitbart’s passing is still quite hard to believe. Someone who rarely took a rest, permanently so now, I pray, peacefully. 

Just back from Israel, I was rereading some of the tributes on a cheaper Internet connection and John O’Sullivan’s struck me on a number of levels.

John wrote: “Andrew was a media entrepreneur of genius, in the same league as Hearst, Pulitzer, and Murdoch, and if he had lived, one who would have had comparable achievements.” I doubt Andrew would have ever put it that way, but boy would he appreciate someone like John saying so.

John also wrote of Andrew:

He was also a brave and resourceful warrior — I will never forget the brilliant comedy of his walking into a crowd of union protesters and simply asking them what they were protesting about. None of them could give an account. His simple question explained more than a 5,000-word article in the New Yorker could have done.

That was one of his rare talents: Cutting through our limited attention spans to expose a truth. That’s a good goal and challenge in our noisy political and cultural world. 


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