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Reid: Boehner Will ‘Cave In’ on Immigration Next Year

The House may not take up comprehensive immigration reform this year, but Senate majority leader Harry Reid is confident something will get done next year because of pressure on Speaker John Boehner.

In an interview with the Las Vegas Sun, Reid predicted that Boehner is “going to cave in” sometime next year, even if it means bringing a bill for a vote without a majority of House Republicans supporting it. The Nevada Democrat criticized some Republicans for ignoring the national impact current immigration laws have on families, even if it’s not apparent in their districts.

“We have a lot of these congressional districts, they don’t care because they don’t have people of color in their congressional districts,” he said. He added that Republicans should pass immigration reform in order to gain favor with Hispanic and Asian voters if they “ever want to elect a Republican president again.”

The Senate passed a comprehensive immigration-reform bill in June of this year, and it is currently sitting in the House. Boehner has repeatedly stated that the House will address reform through a piecemeal approach of a series of bills, rather than a large one. With only a handful of days left before Congress is set to recess for the remainder of the year, it is unlikely that the House will move on immigration before the year’s end.

On Tuesday, Boehner turned some heads when he hired a former John McCain staffer who worked closely with the Arizona senator on immigration policy.


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