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Harry Reid Endorses Hillary Clinton

Better late than never.

Four days after his state’s Democratic caucus, Nevada senator Harry Reid officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. “I think the middle class would be better served by Hillary,” the Democratic minority leader told CNN Wednesday morning, saying her work over the years left him in “awe.”

The most powerful Democrat to endorse Clinton so far added that her gender played a role in his decision. “I also think she’s the woman to be the first President of the United States that’s a female,” he said.

Reid wouldn’t call on Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race, saying he called his Senate colleague to deliver the bad news personally. “It was really a wonderful call,” the minority leader said, calling Sanders “so magnanimous, so kind and courteous.”

Widely viewed as the kingmaker of Nevada politics, Reid affected an air of strict neutrality during last weekend’s close-fought Nevada caucus. But behind the scenes, the senator worked to ensure that Clinton emerged victorious, leaning on the head of the Culinary Workers Union to get casino workers to the caucuses. Union workers in Las Vegas’s Clark County broke heavily for Clinton, proving an instrumental part in her five-point win over Sanders.


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