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Reid Has Taken the Floor

He isn’t responding to Specter at all — at least not yet. He’s talking about the farm bill. Apparently they produce a lot of onions and garlic in Nevada…

With any luck, they won’t pass a farm bill. Unfortunately, the Republicans want to pass it too, it’s just a partisan dispute over how many amendments would be considered.

He’s also talking about the AMT, and for now he’s still sticking with the line that they have to raise taxes by $80 billion or else they won’t patch it. Of course, if the problem with the AMT is that people are being overcharged, does it make sense to overcharge them instead with other tax increases?

It’s becoming clear that he has no intention of responding to Specter. Not now anyway. Here is one risible line:

REID: “If there were ever a book written about being reasonable, I hope that there would be a paragraph or two about what we’ve been doing for the past few days.”

Man, I hope I don’t have to read that book.


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