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Reid: We’re ‘Entering a Banana Republican Mindset’

Harry Reid shot down any notion at passing a short-term, one-week continuing resolution, telling reporters on Monday that the federal government cannot operate like a banana republic.

“If we can’t pass this, we’re only truly entering a banana republican mindset,” Reid said at a press conference shortly after the Senate tabled the House’s CR, which postponed the Affordable Care Act for a year. The Senate sent back a “clean CR” that stripped that stripped the House language.

“This is what we look at other countries doing,” Reid said. “The United States, we’re going to be funding the government for a week, ten days at a time — not so good.”

Reid’s remarks echoed similar remarks made by President Obama earlier this month when he urged Congress to raise the debt ceiling, which the country runs up against on October 17. The president argued that surely Congress will raise the debt ceiling, because the United States is “not some banana republic” and “we don’t run out on our tab.”

The Senate majority leader was harshly critical of the tactics employed by Republicans thus far in the budget negotiations, calling them “bullies” and telling them to “get a life.”


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