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Re:Immigration & Nr

Jonah: A few weeks ago a paleo acquaintance told me that NR was “silent” on

the immigration issue, had “totally given up on it,” had “completely

surrendered to the open-borders lobbies,” and so on. I spent a happy half

hour in the basement going through recent back numbers of NR–I am one of

those people who saves my magazines–ticking off immigration-related

articles, which we have been running on average every other issue for at

least two years past (that’s as far back as I went). Some of them–by, for

instance, John O’Sullivan and John J. Miller–were as critical as anything

on the paleo websites. Others–by me, and Ramesh–were more ruminative. NR

does, in other words, publish a good range of articles and editorials on

this topic, with a center of gravity well on the restrictionist side of the

median. I sometimes wonder if NR’s critics ever actually read the

magazine–or, so far as this particular topic is concerned, understand that

it is, after all, only one of a score of topics of national importance that

a magazine like NR has to cover.