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“Rekindle The Culture War”

That’s how Dana Milbank describes Bush’s move (See Tim’s post below). I haven’t made up my mind on all of this because it’s still not clear to me what kind of FMA Bush endorses. But, please spare me this notion that Bush is starting this battle in the culture war. This is classic liberal nonsense which says the steady, if sometimes gradual, advance of the Left’s agenda is natural and “mainstream” (See every speech about judges Chuck Schumer has ever given for example) while any attempt to stand in the way of the steamroller is “divisive” or, in Milbank’s words, “rekindling the culture war.” It seems to me what ignited this particular battle in the culture war was the rank and lawless arrogance of a few judges and of a mayor in San Francisco. Bush made it clear more than once — including in his last State of the Union Address — that he was not inviting this fight. Now that he’s joined it, he’s getting pinned with starting it too. That’s concentrated B.S.


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