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Religion on Sunday Morning

My Meet the Press watching is an hour behind Byron’s. Romney’s talking about his church now. There’s something admirable — and I think attractive to some religious types (maybe especially Catholics) — about a guy who refuses to take the invitation to trash his own religion. He could very easily do it on an issue like this and yet won’t.

That said, as much as it pains me, I can’t help but think that there are some evangelicals who heard Romney talk about “Christians” who were seething that he won’t say “I am not a Christian.” I remember the first time it was explained to me at a Concerned Women for America conference that I am not a Christian because I am Catholic. At the time I wondered why we — my pro-life, conservative CWA friends and I — couldn’t just strengthen our political alliance on issues we agreed on and go our own ways Sunday morning (or whenever). I hope pray Iowa conservatives get how important it is to have that alliance — to unite where we agree on the policy and political issues that are at the core of what the next president will face in office — and not splinter it for a guy who wants to be a “Christian leader” who has a whole host of the policy and political issues wrong.


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