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The Religious Left Speaks

I heard just now from an Episcopal

priest in Oregon who was displeased with my latest Dallas Morning News

column. He displays the kind of thoughtful Christian analysis that keeps the Democratic Party winning

election after election. He writes:

Dear Rod,

If it weren’t that (1) a copy of your article “Cultural conservatives

actually represent the norm” appeared on a fascist Christian website called

Virtuosity, and (2) that you are in Dallas, Texas, I would have thought you

had lost your critical thinking skills, a.k.a “losing your mind.” But, I

feel better now to realize from where you speak: the land of the biggest

kooks and nuts on the right, the home of G.W. Bush, our Bible-believing

president, and god only knows how many other crackpots.

Yes, the people you glorify, the so-called “norm” folks may have been

shuttled to the polls this election by the Karl Roves and Dick Cheneys, but

you folks will not win this cultural battle. Common sense, critical

thinking, the demise of Christianity in this world, and the other

reactionary notions that you pull off will, for a time, rule the headlines,

but Buster, the gains made, as you relate the figures, in the last forty

years are going to win the day, and radical humanism and radical

humanitarianism will triumph. Just look how far we have come with abortion

and gay rights, especially the right to marry a member of the same gender if

one wishes to do so.

Get a life, pal, and look at the Sun!

Among the manifold delights of this epistle: a Christian priest using

“Bible-believing” as a pejorative modifier, and looking forward to “the

demise of Christianity in this world.” You really can’t make this stuff up.


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