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Remembering Doonesbury

Yesterday, we were talking about the bookstore clerk who said, when a friend had a baby girl, “She had a woman.” A reader wrote to say that he remembered a Doonesbury strip, from way back. “Joanie Caucus was working in a daycare center. One of the kids in her class is very excited over a new arrival: ‘It’s a woman!’ Then in the next panel, by way of clarification: ‘It’s a baby woman!’” Said our reader, “I realize this dates me, but I remember when Doonesbury was funny. Not once or twice a month, like now, but just about every day. As the ‘baby woman’ strip showed, Trudeau was occasionally willing to poke gentle fun at liberal pieties. In the ’70s, I was one of the right-wing fans of Doonesbury. WFB was another.”

Oh, yes. Bill had Garry Trudeau to an editorial dinner once — I mean, at least once, when I was there. Helluva nice guy. And he’s married to the eternally adorable Jane Pauley, America’s Sweetheart (one of them). Are they left-wing, grossly and unfairly so? Yeah, well, who isn’t? (You and me, I know.)


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