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Remembering Kate O’Beirne — A Place for Stories and Other Memories

You may have read our 17,000-word start  (in addition to Ramesh’s first breaking of the sad news  – devastating to so many of us who loved her — among others; a short try in tribute from me here) in tribute to our beloved colleague Kate, who died earlier this week. In part for her grandchildren, who didn’t know she was a star TV analyst and adviser to all sorts, we welcome your stories — from cruises, from airports, from the office, from church, from wherever it is. Kate was an example of dynamic ways to live a faith-filled life with wisdom and joy, even in politics. All examples to help others around, are welcome. Submissions will see the light of day in one way or another soon. The e-mail address for your memories and other notes is Thank you. Meanwhile, we’re off to her Mass later today.