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Remembering Poppa G.

I’m not trying to be maudlin, but Father’s Day is this weekend and the second anniversary of my Dad’s death was just last week (a coincidence which will never be anything but inconvenient). I lit the Yahrzeit candle for him the other day and the flicking of the match was like turning a switch I didn’t know was in the off position. Out of nowhere, the emotions flooded in. I had no idea they had built up so much pressure.  I was  floored by how  unprepared I was.  I think the lesson is that the grief never goes away,  you  just organize it better — most of the time. Anyway, like I said, I’m not  trying to be maudlin. I just miss my Dad.  Father’s Day weekend is as good a time as any to say so. 

Jonah Goldberg, a senior editor of National Review and the author of Suicide of the West, holds the Asness Chair in Applied Liberty at the American Enterprise Institute.

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