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Remembering Rich Nadler

I’ve been thinking a lot about Rich Nadler these last few days. I’ve known his name and distinctive voice since probably my first day at National Review. He was that much of an influence in Ramesh’s life. We’ve talked by phone and e-mail throughout the years since and he was always so present in the moment and thoughtful. We didn’t actually meet in person until a few weeks ago, at the same Council on National Policy meeting in D.C. where Rich (L.) saw him. Rich (N.) came up to me after a panel I was on — and yes, I did wonder who let the Trotsky-looking dude in — and was so kind, so engaging, and seemed so determined to make a positive contribution to our nation. Which he did.

Many Corner readers may only know the name Rich Nadler because of the recent immigration debates he started, or reignited, with his magazine piece. The passion he displayed in those debates typified Rich Nadler. And not just on one issue. He knew he had some influence over some things. And whatever opening he had, he went for, because he loved his country and was here for a reason.

I think Rich’s efforts made the immigration debate better. I think he made people around him better. He engaged. And his was a life well lived.

There are a few links to some Nadler pieces after the fold. These were not the whole man. But you start to get a small sense.

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