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Rep. Chaffetz Accuses Resigned Secret Service Head of ‘Deception’

Republican congressman Jason Chaffetz accused just-resigned Secret Service director Julia Pierson of outright “deception” over an incident involving President Obama riding in an elevator with an armed man – adding that he believes she may have also been part of a cover-up to keep the breach from reaching the public, or even the president himself.

Although Chaffetz already knew of the elevator breach — before even President Obama – on Tuesday he deliberately questioned Pierson to see whether she would own up to the failure. When she did not, the Utah congressman instantly lost faith in her leadership.

“You can’t have a Secret Service director who’s holding back that type of information, and then telling Congress that she tells him 100 percent of the time,” he said. “That was deception. And when it got to the point that it was clear to me that she was deceiving people, that’s when — yesterday — I came to the conclusion that she had to resign.”

“There was an attempt to cover it up,” Chaffetz later alleged. “Make sure that the president never did hear about it, that the media and the Congress never heard about it. That’s the point where it kind of goes over the edge, and you just think this person is not up for the job.”


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