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Rep. Chaffetz: ‘If I Was the President,’ We Would Bomb Iran’s Nuclear Facilities

As the White House continues to fume over a planned March 3 speech by the Israeli prime minister — which it feels could derail nuclear talks with Iran – Utah Republican congressman Jason Chaffetz said the Obama administration has it all wrong, and should instead bomb the Islamic theocracy’s nuclear facilities out of existence.

After Chaffetz told Wolf Blitzer that he was worried about giving the Iranians time to develop a nuclear weapon, the CNN host asked if he was also worried about a war with Iran.

“The biggest problem that we have on the face of the planet is Iran getting a nuclear weapon,” the lawmaker said. “And we have to do everything and anything we can do in our powers to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

“So you would support a preemptive strike against their nuclear facilities?” Blitzer asked.

“Absolutely!” Chaffetz replied. “We negotiate from a position of strength, Wolf. We do not do this through appeasement and bickering.”

“So you think the U.S. should basically say to Iran right now, ‘Either completely open up, stop all of your nuclear program, or the United States is going to launch a preemptive strike?” Blitzer pressed.

“If it was up to me — if I was the President of the United States — we would take out that threat,” Chaffetz said.


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