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Rep. Duncan Hunter: Some ‘Radical Islamics’ Have Probably Infiltrated the Military

Yesterday’s hack on Central Command’s social-media accounts doesn’t necessarily mean the Islamic State has infiltrated the United States military, but Islamists ”probably” have wormed their way into the ranks some other way, says Representative Duncan Hunter (R., Calif.).

“I would guess that there are folks that are bad folks, radical Islamists that are probably in the military — you probably have a few of those,” he said on Fox News Monday.

Hunter downplayed Monday’s hacking of a major U.S. military command’s Twitter and YouTube accounts, which involved the posting of pro–Islamic State messages and threats against the U.S. The attack breached social-media and third-party accounts, not the actual military or Department of Defense, he noted, but he said Islamist sympathizers are likely to be encouraged by the hack.

During last summer’s child-migrant crisis, Hunter made headlines by reporting that Islamic State fighters had infiltrated the U.S., saying that a Department of Homeland Security source had told him “at least ten ISIS fighters” had been apprehended on the Texas–Mexico border. DHS repeatedly denied Hunter’s claims, and other congressmen suggested that the report may have been confused with the finding that some Turkish militants were working inside the U.S.

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