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Rep. Price: Yes, Obamacare Is Hurting People

Representative Tom Price of Georgia this morning at CPAC warned about the consequences of the perverse incentives Obamacare creates for businesses to escape the burdens it imposes, citing what he calls the “29ers and the 49ers.”

The former are those workers who have had their hours reduced below 30 hours a week so that their employers can avoid having to offer them health insurance as the law requires; the latter are the businesses who cut workers to below the 50 employee threshold at which the employer mandate kicks in.

“I’ve got a car dealership in my district with 168 full-time employees; now it has two full-time employees and 166 moved to part time,” he said.

Price, a physician who has introduced his own alternative health-care legislation, warned that “we’re going to have a huge decrease in the number of physicians who are going to be able to practice in this country,” as well.

He said it was “astounding” that Senator Harry Reid said last week that all the “horror stories” being told about the effects of Obamacare are untrue. 

“It’s actually astounding that the majority leader of the U.S. Senate could make such a statement and mislead and deceive the American people in such a way,” he said.


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