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Rep. Schock: Japanese Leaders Privately Told Us They’re Worried about U.S. Support

As tensions rise between China and Japan, the latter is growing less and less confident in American diplomatic support in the event of a conflict, according to one Republican congressman who recently visited Japan.

Representative Aaron Schock of Illinois, who traveled with majority leader Eric Cantor as part of a delegation, said Japanese officials “privately” doubted the United States would back its allies in the region following the inaction in both Syria and Ukraine.

As a result, Japan has doubled its defense spending and has even gone so far as to explore changing parts of its constitution to allow the country to better defend itself.

“Those are a bit unprecedented, and it’s because of the uncertainty they feel about America’s commitment to the treaty and to ultimately defend them if and when they were to get into military conflict,” Schock said on MSNBC on Monday. “I think that’s why the president was asked that same question following later in the week when he visited.”


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