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Last week’s CMS report (which Jim Capretta wrote about here) is giving Republicans new confidence to pursue a full repeal of Obamacare. Here’s video of Eric Cantor talking about it this morning.

In other repeal-related news, the Ethics and Public Policy Center and the Hudson Institute held a forum in D.C. yesterday on where to go from here on health care. Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum made the point that we shouldn’t be discouraged by the fact that no country has gone top-down/command-and-control and then turned back around, because, of all the countries that have made that shift, none had ”as robust and as comprehensive a system going into it” as we did.

Speaking of credibility, he continued, as people find themselves paying more and getting less, facts will become all the clearer. Implementation may take a while, but the picture is getting clearer nonetheless.

The battle over health care isn’t over — not even close.

If you haven’t already, read Ramesh’s repeal piece.


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