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You Be the Judge

My column today is an indulgence — a self-indulgence. I reply to a critic (of my new book). This is not merely a self-indulgence, I hope, because the material is interesting (again, I hope).

My critic knocks me for calling Saddam Hussein’s second wife, Samira Shahbandar, a “femme fatale.” I think my defense of this is pretty good: Saddam’s liaison with this woman led to at least two murders. How many corpses do you need before a lady is a femme fatale?

I am further knocked for referring to Rezarta Shkurta as a “hot tamale.” The lady is an Albanian pop star, and is married to a grandson of the late dictator Enver Hoxha. (Earlier this year, the grandson was busted as a player in the Colombian drug operation.)

I will say to you, here in the Corner, what I say in today’s column: Google-image Rezarta Shkurta. (Here’s one photo, barely safe for work.) And let me know if “hot tamale” is okay. Okay?

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