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Report: Family Dog Shot by Police for Barking at Officer

As Charles Cooke wrote in November, a surprising number of dogs are shot by police officers. Unfortunately, Delilah, a three- to four-year-old Boxer, can be added to that list.

In Columbus, Ohio, a police officer killed Delilah after shooting her nine times, according to a local ABC station, WSYX. Delilah’s owners, Brittnay Bergman and Dustin Ramsey, were moving in and police arrived after calls that the couple’s U-Haul was blocking the street. When the police approached the house, the dog reportedly ran out, jumped on the porch, and growled at the police officer.

The officer then shot the dog, claiming that, according to Bergman, he felt his “life was in jeopardy.”

Bergman and Ramsey plan to sue, and the police say they are investigating the incident to determine whether or not the officer followed procedures.


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