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Report: Lunch with Clintons Goes for $500K at Auction, More If You Want to Bring Your Kids

The Clinton Foundation is reportedly asking a man who paid $500,000 at an auction to have lunch with Bill and Hillary Clinton to pay an additional half a million dollars if he wants to bring his two children along in addition to his wife.

The New York Post reports that Charitybuzz CEO Coppy Holzman, whose company hosted the auction, told attendees of the situation at a recent event. Holzman said that, after winning the auction, the man asked if his two kids could tag along with him and his wife. The Clinton Foundation responded that he would have to double his bid to $1 million.

The Clinton Foundation has a different story: After the man won the auction, they say, Charitybuzz organizers asked him if he wanted to pay more to add more people to the lunch, but that no specific amount was specified.


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