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Report: Obama’s Executive Action Already Blocking ICE from Carrying Out Some Deportations

The president’s executive actions on immigration are already preventing law enforcement from deporting illegal immigrants who are in custody and scheduled for removal, according to a new report from the Center for Immigration Studies.

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer who spoke with CIS says the president’s executive action has blocked the agency from deporting illegal immigrants that are awaiting their removal. Many of these illegal immigrants will instead be released and qualify for work permits, the officer says.

Some ICE officers are even spending time on the phone answering calls from illegal immigrants about whether they’re eligible for the president’s executive action rather than focusing on enforcement, according to CIS.

A number of illegal immigrants with pending criminal cases, previous deportations, and traffic violations such as drunk driving were let go at the end of 2014, the report says. More than 600 illegal aliens in all were released from the federal government at the end of the year, according to the report.

Some ICE officials were disgruntled during the child-migrant crisis last summer because they were essentially being forced to stay at their desks rather than go out and do their jobs. Now, the CIS report says, ICE officials are getting orders: Release illegal immigrants it had planned to deport.

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