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Reporters Were Tough

Reporters were tough with Bush tonight, but didn’t stomp over the politeness line and alienate the viewer a la Bob Kerrey. If any liberal wants to push these reporters out of an airplane again tonight (as I quoted earlier), I just can’t imagine what would satisfy them short of throwing balloons full of blood at Bush.

Stephanopoulos seemed to make hay tonight out of the notion that Bush wasn’t apologizing or admitting mistakes, even though he said as much without saying “I’m sorry, I’m a loser, maybe someone else should have this job.” How lame coming from Stephy, who worked for a man who constantly claimed he and his wife “have done nothing wrong.” May I add that this whole emphasis on apologies and admissions of error is especially lame coming from reporters at the TV networks, which make on-air corrections about as often as we change presidents.

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