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The Missed Opportunity of the GOP Convention

I think the GOP convention has been pretty good so far. Some of the “ordinary people” speaking have been truly extraordinary (I would have devoted an entire night to them), we’ve seen some encouraging up-and-coming talent, and there have been telling shots against Biden and the Democrats. My main criticism would be that, like at the Democratic convention, there has been too much time puffing up the nominee rather than making the policy case against the other side.

But I do think there’s a big missed opportunity here, unless there’s something planned for tonight I’m not aware of: Given all the criticism on COVID, it would have made sense to give a credible person involved in the response — say an Admiral Polowczyk, Admiral Giroir, Dr. Birx, or someone like that — 15 minutes with a bunch of PowerPoint slides to set out in detail what the response was. Most people don’t know anything about the effort to acquire, manufacture, and distribute PPE, testing supplies, tests, etc. Why pass up an opportunity to set it out when millions of people are watching and at least force Democrats to say, “Okay, maybe they did all that, but it still wasn’t enough”?

There’s a story to tell here and it’s baffling Republicans won’t simply tell it.