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The RNC Should Schedule More Debates

Yesterday on The Michael Medved Show, Medved asked Reince Priebus whether we would see any more Republican debates. Priebus said that the debate committee will be taking up the question at the RNC’s spring meeting, which begins today in South Florida and continues through the end of the week.

When the debate schedule was set back in January 2015, most people assumed that a candidate would have clinched the nomination by now, making debates in the springtime superfluous. It turns out that they would be helpful. The nomination is still being contested and the field has narrowed, so each candidate would have ample time to answer questions and explain his ideas in some detail. He would have a bigger canvas to paint on than in earlier debates.

At this point, each candidate has both branded himself and been typecast by opponents and media. Voters who prefer to keep the candidates reduced to headlines and slogans, for the sake of convenience, don’t have to watch. It would be for the benefit of voters who want to assess and compare in greater depth the intentions and abilities of the remaining applicants for the job.

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