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Republican Pat McCrory May Veto N.C. Abortion Bill

While Republican governors in Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin have been advancing pro-life legislation in recent weeks, one Republican governor might veto a bill making its way through the legislature. North Carolina’s Pat McCrory has threatened that he might veto a Republican-backed bill over concerns about legislative process. He promised in his 2012 campaign that he would not sign any new abortion restrictions into law.

McCrory criticized the fact that the bill was attached to an unrelated measure and voted on in the state senate the next day. State lawmakers could override McCrory’s veto because they hold the necessary majorities, but the move would likely create tensions among Republicans in the state.

The house has amended some of the controversial language in the bill. It now only requires a doctor to be present for part of the abortion procedure, for instance, while the senate version required doctors to be present throughout the process. 

The state’s Department of Health and Human Services secretary, who was appointed by McCrory, has shared concerns about the bill, too.

The state house has not scheduled a vote on its version of the measure, and Governor McCrory has not stated whether he supports the changes the lower chamber made.


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