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Republican Women of the 110th

I keep thinking about these minority leadership races in Congress. (WARNING: There’s a little PC in this post. I’m not proud, just realistic.)

In the House, the Conference Committee guy won’t really be known much outside of the House. Adam Putnam is great so far as I know him. But Marsha Blackburn changes that job, just by virtue of being Marsha — a chick. (Sorry, reality.)

So why not go for her? You have a conservative woman in leadership who knows her stuff and is great on TV. The team could seriously make use of her.

If the dominant buzz is true, Putnam takes Conference in the House and Kay Bailey Hutchison takes Policy in the Senate. There’s time — though much less for the Senate where elections are Wednesday. The dominant buzz doesn’t have to rule. Fact is: It would be really unfortunate if the highest-ranking woman in Congress doesn’t score a three-digit percent on abortion. Blackburn does. Hutchison doesn’t.


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