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GOP Governors Popular in Blue States

The Morning Consult has released the results of a poll on the favorability of every governor in the U.S., surveying 85,000 registered voters from January through March of this year. The most popular governor in the country is Republican Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, with a 75 percent favorability rating. Meanwhile, Chris Christie takes the title of least popular governor, favored by a mere 25 percent of New Jersey residents.

One notable theme from the list is the exceeding popularity of Republican governors in blue states. The top-ten governors on the list are all Republicans, four of whom are from typically Democratic states: Baker, as well as Larry Hogan in Maryland, Phil Scott in Vermont, and Brian Sandoval in Nevada.

The Republican Governors Association ought to be pleased, as these results indicate the group has done an excellent job of finding Republican politicians appealing enough to be elected and remain popular in traditionally blue states.


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