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Republicans with a Positive Governing Agenda

Right now, Republican members of the House are getting their agenda discussion items, which they’ll test out back in their districts, from the leadership. According to a House GOP source, among ideas included are:

Require congressional approval of all new executive branch rules with an economic cost of $100 million or more, allow small businesses to take a tax deduction of up to 20 percent of their income, repeal Obamacare, replace Obamacare with reforms such as allowing Americans to purchase health care across state lines, end bailouts permanently, freeze Congress’ budget, cut spending instead of more “stimulus” spending, place strict and enforceable caps on federal discretionary spending, codify the Hyde Amendment to ban all taxpayer funding of abortion, fully fund missile defense, require all bills to be posted online for at least three days before they can come to a vote, ban “omnibus” bills so that major legislation is advanced only one issue at a time, allow cameras in all committee hearings including the powerful Rules Committee that decides which bills and amendments come to a vote, keep Gitmo open and prevent the importation of terrorists into America, require all bills to cite the portion of the Constitution that gives Congress the authority to do what the bill proposes.

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