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Republicans Pounce Again!

At this stage, any journalist who frames a mistake or controversial statement made by a Democratic politician with “conservatives pounce” has to be either woefully out of touch with reality or consciously trolling. I’m not sure which one describes Politico’s Matthew Choi, but, either way, his piece this morning, “Conservatives pounce on Biden’s desire to move away from oil,” is a classic of the genre.

Kevin Williamson and Noah Rothman have both explained why this tendency is so revealing. To their observations, I would just add this: Choi writes that “Biden’s remark onstage in Nashville, Tenn., led to a fierce backlash from Republicans and Trump,” but then he adds that . . .

Kendra Horn, a Democratic House candidate in the oil-rich state of Oklahoma, tweeted that she disagreed with Biden, saying, “We must stand up for our oil and gas industry.”

Yeah. Maybe, just maybe, “pouncing Republicans” isn’t the story. As voters in Texas and Pennsylvania are about to find out.


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