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How To Handle that Sit-In

House Democrats are unhappy with the outcome of the voting on certain gun-related legislation in Congress. They have staged a sit-in in protest.

Republicans have majorities in both houses, for the moment, though Trump probably will see to that for them. In the mean time, though, they should simply remind their Democratic colleagues of the words of Barack Obama and say:

“We won.”

The Democrats love a protest, though. It’s like a Broadway show for them — or, really, like church. That’s a cultural thing: Republicans and conservatives generally speaking aren’t comfortable staging protests. If I’m in a crowd of people all facing the same direction and chanting, I’d better be at church; otherwise, it creeps me out. I see a guy carrying a placard in the street and like most conservatives I think (even if we don’t always admit it!): “Riff-raff.” 

These elderly, rich, liberal lawyers are having a hard time getting up and down off the floor, and they are among the world’s most powerful people, but in their hearts they’ll always be dopey 19-year-old college students. 



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