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‘New York Values’

I like Ted Cruz a great deal and would rather hear my doctor telling me I have testicular cancer than hear Fox News reporting that Donald Trump has been elected president, but hating New York City and “New York values” — which is shorthand for hating Americans who live in cities — doesn’t seem to me like a very good long-term strategy.

National Review is based in New York. Norman Podhoretz is a New Yorker. The New Criterion is in New York. Irving Kristol was a New Yorker. Milton Friedman was a New Yorker. Hell, Ayn Rand became a New Yorker as soon as she could. William F. Buckley Jr. was a man of the Upper East Side.

America wouldn’t be America without New York, or without New Yorkers.

A great deal of wonderful, fruitful, productive, creative things happen in America’s cities. Being the party that urinates on them from a great height is not terribly bright.


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