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Republicans Wants Judge’S Scalp

Connecticut state Republican lawmakers are outraged (as are a few Democrats) and demanding a congressional investigation of fed judge Robert Chatigny, whose extreme antics halted the scheduled Jan. 29 execution of Michael Ross, a serial murderer/rapist. Ross, who has been found competent by numerous authorities, did not oppose his pending execution, a position his lawyer, T. R. Paulding, defended. But Chatingy, a left-wing Clinton appointee, threatened Paulding: he’d strip him of his license unless the lawyer filed motions questioning Ross’ competency. Essentially blackmailed, Paulding announced, an hour before the execution, that he had a conflict of interest, which in turn forced the execution to be cancelled, now indefinitely. Congressman Rob Simmons says he will personally deliver the GOP lawmakers’ demand to the House Judiciary Committee chairman James Sensenbrenner. Here’s the complete story from today’s Bristol Press . If y’all will tolerate me, I’ll keep you posted.


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