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A Request for Chivalry

Good for Greta Van Susteren. She will not have anything to do with this year’s Radio and TV Correspondents Dinner because of the headliner, comedian Louis C.K.

I confess I had to look up who exactly he is. And then had to read some of the awful things he’s said about Sarah Palin. The kinds of things you just don’t say about a mother. Or her son. But apparently his is the “edge” the dinner is looking for.

Can I make a request to the men of Washington? Join Greta. Don’t go. This isn’t the stuff of comradery. It’s uncivil dreck. For your mother, your wife, your sister, your daughter, for civilization, say “no” to this rubber-chicken dinner. It could be a strong statement about what we hold dear to say this simple “no.” 

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