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Rescuing Carroll

Mark Levin, call your office:

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. – The father of a deployed soldier who is taking care of his son’s dogs has been ordered by Cumberland County authorities to give away two of the animals.

The Fayetteville Observer reported Monday that Henry Carroll planned to appeal the order during the county Board of Adjustment’s meeting Thursday.

Carroll’s son has two dogs and Carroll has three. The county said the five dogs at Carroll’s house qualify as a kennel, which he doesn’t have a license to run.

Carroll’s son, Adam, asked his father to take care of his small, mixed-breed dogs when his 101st Airborne Division unit deployed to Iraq. He is scheduled to return in December.

Carroll, 45, said a friend in Sanford offered to keep two of the dogs if the county refuses his appeal. But Carroll plans to keep both of his son’s dogs.

“I think I’m fighting a losing battle,” said Carroll, an Army veteran. “I have to hang onto his dogs until the end of his tour.”


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