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Respecting Santa Time

From a reader:


Here’s the problem with Ron Paul in New Hampshire.

My family and I were in downtown Milford, NH this past Sunday to see Santa Claus. My wife and I waited in line outside in the town circle with our two daughters for nearly two hours. The line of families was organized, friendly and represented a definite cross section of the community.It took no time at all for Ron Paul supporters who happened to pass by to swarm to the crowd like bees to honey trying to hand out Ron Paul fact sheets. There was even a stooge with a Ron Paul sandwich board sign walking in circles. I swear these people appeared out of no where.When one of the Paul supporters approached me and tried to hand me a flyer I politely said, “No thank you.” The woman replied with something along the lines of, ‘You need to understand what this election means to the future blah, blah blah…’ 

My slightly loud reply was, “You need to understand that I’m in line with my family, on a Sunday, to meet Santa and Mrs.. Claus with my children. I’m not here talk or think about politics!” To my surprise the crowd around me erupted with applause. The woman continued on down the line trying to hand out her flyers and this time was being met with a lot more, ‘No Thank you’s’I’m sorry but these Paul supporters certainly have a knack from rubbing people the wrong way. If they think this type of support is going to help them in the end, good luck.


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