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Responding to Mr. Thompson

Mr. Thompson’s response isn’t exactly on point, is it? I wasn’t talking about deporting someone who is a gang member. I was talking about an illegal alien who is a gang member. He or she can be deported under current law. Indeed, an illegal alien who isn’t a gang member can be deported. There’s an adjudicative process, of course. But they can be deported. Boy, now I’m really worried. You mean to tell me the White House didn’t know this?

Moreover, the notion, under the new deal, that an illegal alien gang member will come forward and renounce his membership, and mean it, is a stretch, don’t you think? Here’s what I predict: such a person will come forward, renounce his gang membership, and receive his probationary legalization. And if it is later learned that he remained an active gang member, what then? Will steps be taken to deport him? Sure, will be the response. Well, the problem is that his new legalized status will result in additional due process rights akin to those U.S. citizens enjoy, making deportation much more difficult. The courts will see to that. Your turn, Mr. Thompson.

UPDATE: Deportation of illegal alien gang members and more (or less). There are scores and scores of stories like this.