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Responding to Rich

My Political Pro Guy writes back:

McCain will find out how punishing it can be to have the description Sen.proceed his name. Also, it will be increasingly hard for him to argue that he’s going to fix Washington when he’s been there what, twenty years?

The challenge for your guy Romney is to make sure he doesn’t lose the “leaderhip” issue to Giuliani. Watching the electorate and environment, I believe that voters, conservatives included, are going to be less interested in “what’s your position on the cap gains tax? What’s your position on civil unions?” than they are “who can fix these god-awful messes?” Issues will matter, but in context.

Giuliani “fixed” NY and led the country after 9-11. Romney “fixed” the Olympics, but what else has he done??? How will he lead?

These random ad-hoc red meat things do not a campaign make. We’re back to the fundamentals: who has a coherent vision and can make it reality.

It will be fun to watch.

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